2022 Chairs and Volunteers

We are always looking for Volunteers! And there are a few Chair positions still available! Please reach out to us below if you would like to participate! 

Chair Name E-Mail Address
President Brian Mobley k9copev@aol.com
Vice President Brandon Wright
Secretary Michelle Smith 
Treasurer Amber Wright  amberragle@gmail.com
Sponsorship Chair Blaize Shaw
Commercial Tent Chair Patty Reyes-Cooksey soymegifts@gmail.com
Commercial Tent Co-Chair Lauren Mitchell
Food Vendor Chair Diane Choate  dchoate72@aol.com
Craft Vendor Chair Jill Thurman jillsquill27@yahoo.com
Craft Vendor Co-Chair Tracy Davis  tracyd5295@gmail.com
Craft Vendor Co-Chair Michelle Smith
Craft Vendor Co-Chair Karen Davis
Parade Chair Ron Choate rchoate174@aol.com
Parade Horse’s Rocky Rice
Entertainment Chair Brian Mobley k9copev@aol.com
Entertainment Co-Chair Tammy Weidner tamela1734@gmail.com
Advertisement Chair Tammy Weidner tamela1734@gmail.com
Game Chair Andy & Whitney Snyder whitney_niswander@comcast.net & leonardasnyder@yahoo.com
Education Day Chair
Queen Contest Chair Anna May annamillermk@yahoo.com
Queen Contest Co-Chair Neely Slahbaugh
The Queen and Me Chair Neely Slahbaugh
The Queen and Me Co-Chair Amy Slabaugh  taslabaugh@bluemarble.net 
Information Booth Chair Chris Fisher cfisher@bluemarble.net 
Parking Chair Doug Lane
Shelter Activities Chair
Photo Gallery/Video Gallery Chair
General Chair Diane Choate  dchoate72@aol.com
Grounds Chair Mike Capps
Stage Decorations Krista-Sam Venegas
Video Editor Brandon Wright
Volunteer - Information Booth Crystal Rainwater
Volunteer Morgan Tomaso  morgantomaso@yahoo.com
Volunteer  Serena Pettyjohn
Volunteer Ron McNeal
Volunteer Monica Figg
Volunteer Darla Sanders Parrish
Volunteer Roberta Brown Bruce
Volunteer Marilyn Gooldy
Volunteer Candy Hall
Volunteer Lauren Mitchell
Volunteer Lilly Todd Lillytodd47@gmail.com
Volunteer Tracy Davis Tracy.d5295@gmail.com
Volunteer Karen Davis Tracy.d5295@gmail.com
Volunteer James Crissen jamescrissen@startmail.com